Spa Cuisine

Our Spa Cuisine is heavily influenced by the famous Mediterreanean diet which focuses on fresh and natural foods which are low in fat and calories. We have created dishes which showcase the use of whole grains, fresh fruits, healthy vegetables, lean proteins, low-fat dairy products, and the avoidance of added or artificial salts, colors, flavors, or preservatives. With our Spa Cuisine menu, our chefs demonstrate that they are devoted to enhancing your overall well-being through a variety of nutritious and delicious foods which have been combined to encourage the renewal of mind, body and spirit. Our food concept has been designed to provide our guests with healthy food but with such flavour, they will never notice it’s so good for them!

Fresh Fruits & Salads

With a theme of East meets West, we have created some interesting combinations of fruits, salads, herbs and proteins to provide tasteful and well presented dishes that are appetising, enjoyable and refreshing. We have original and well balanced recipes that remove any doubts that Spa Cuisine is bland, boring or leaves you hungry after eating.

Preferring to use only high quality fresh produce, these are gently cooked in mild spices and herbs to enhance rather than overcome the natural flavours. Ingredients are delicately mixed using fresh herbs and spices to create flavours that scintillate the senses, create unique but delicious dining and an overall memorable experience.

Delicate & Fragrant

Our view of spa cuisine is that moderation should govern the use of ingredients, not reduce the quality or flavour. Our chefs make sure to protect the authenticity of natural flavours, choosing to enhance rather than disguise them for you to fully appreciate their delicate cooking methods. Heavy spiced food is avoided, but that does not mean that we cannot leave you with memories of delicious and suptle flavours.

Grill Combinations

Recognising the need to help you provide a balance to your diet, our dishes blend fresh and natural products as well as heart healthy proteins, purposely as lean as possible. The use of fats is avoided and dishes are prepared with the minimum possible cooking time to achieve a propely cooked dish. We avoid unnatural oils, fats, dairy products and preservatives.

Heart Healthy & Well Balanced

We are what we eat! Yin and Yang, Heating or Cooling for the body, it is important we only consume the best quality products available which suit our needs for us to be able to maintain a well balanced and healthy lifestyle. As our bodies age, nutritional requirements change.

The Spa Menu

Our special Spa menu is available for you to choose a suitable dish throughout the hotel. We are happy to prepare these special dishes for you to enjoy, or should you wish to discuss any special dietary requirements our Executive Chef Joe will be delighted to create and prepare something just for you.