The Grill Room

Overseen personally by our Executive Chef Joseph Fonseka; The Grill Room proudly features specialty grill items, dishes using only the finest organic ingredients and seasonally inspired produce. Chef Joe creates his exciting interpretations of traditional grill room classics, blended with his special approach towards flavourful gastronomy. More formal than The Hotel Dining Room, this is a romantic and classic restaurant, which focuses on producing original dishes inspired by the finest imported meats and freshest local seafood. We have painstakingly constructed a special wine list to pair with these dishes. Our menu has been purposefully restricted to allow our chefs to focus on producing the best of Chef Joe's Anilana Signature dishes. These showcase the high quality produce he has gone to great lengths to source. His modern presentations provide a surprise twist that will delight those who expect a higher standard of cuisine. To complete your special dining experience, we offer a spectacular range of sinful and innovative desserts.


Fresh and healthy products have been sourced all across the island and are being used to create Mediterranean style dishes for your enjoyment. Local seafood and specially imported meats are used to create interesting dishes which will both impress and sharpen your appetite. Tasty homemade soups, flavourful sauces and marinades are all freshly made to appeal to your tastebuds. We have also made sure to provide tasteful and delicious choices for our calorie and health conscious guests, including vegetarian dishes. If you have a particular favourite you would like us to prepare, please let us know and we will be happy to make this specially to order, for you to enjoy.

Grill Room Favourites

Inspired by the outstanding quality of our local seafood and the availability of imported meats, our menu consists of original and traditional favourites with a modern twist. Specially marinated and spiced kebabs, original sauces, garden fresh vegetables and succulent dishes, carefully presented and served at your table.

Our Chefs take great pride in their produce and are passionate and proud of their menu. Each plate is personally approved by our Chef before leaving the kitchen, to make sure it is as perfect as they intend. If you wish us to present a personal favourite you cannot see on the Menu, please let our Chef know, who will be happy to prepare something even more special for you to enjoy.


For those who are not ashamed to enjoy a sugar rush to finish their meal or for those who have decided not to bother to count the calories too closely whilst on holiday, our Pastry Chef has produced a sweet and delicious menu of signature desserts that would entice even the strongest willed. His most special signature dish of caramelised bananas is simply wonderful, especially for the children. But also please try his homemade chocolate brownies or for those who can handle a little alcohol in their desserts, our wickedly flavoured Tirami Su, just like mama made back in Italy...