The Lobby Bar

Positioned opposite our Hotel Dining Room this bar provides refuge from the sun during the day, and a casual meeting place in the evenings. A wide range of cocktails and wines are available and our adventurous Bartenders are happy to experiment in pursuit of your favourite combinations. Leading onto our Verandah, the Lobby Bar provides shaded and unshaded seating. A special Bar Menu is available featuring tapas and those special Sri Lankan "short bites".

Specialty Coffees

The hotel is proud of its superb collection of fine coffees, including blends from both Lavazza and Nespresso. Coffee machines are also available in our suites and studios from Nespresso for your personal use, with blends that include a decaffeinated option. Whether your preference is for an authentic Espresso, creamy Cappuccino or a skimmed milk Latte we will make sure that coffee lovers can enjoy your favourite coffee, all freshly brewed to order at your request. Coffees are available throughout the hotel from before breakfast until after dinner. For those that prefer their coffee a little stronger, you can select from a variety of our specialty coffees, including a mellow Irish Coffee or a superb Café Royal. Please ask for our Beverages List to make your choice and we will be happy to assist you.

Anilana Tea

Anilana has commissioned a special blend of teas which is exclusive and unique to our company. The Anilana blend consists of a combination of the highest quality Broken Orange Pekoe, which is grown here in Sri Lanka. This has been professionally blended on our behalf by one of the world’s finest Tea tasters and is available only in Anilana Hotels. Should you prefer a strong Breakfast Tea or prefer a more mellow afternoon tea with sandwiches and cakes, please let us know and we will be happy to specially brew for you our unique and special tea. Our aim to to ensure you both enjoy and remember this tea.


We have taken great pains to construct a delicate and well balanced wine list consisting of good economical wines and high quality fine wines to be available for our guests to enjoy at reasonable rates. Focusing on those wines that would refresh in a tropical climate, match well with meats and especially the abundant local seafood, we wanted to make sure we have wines which can also blend well with spicy local foods. We think we can provide something tasteful for most wine lovers at a fair price. Please ask our staff to recommend wines that best match your food, we hope your selection will delight you.

Cocktails & Mocktails

We have taken time to construct a comprehensive list of favourites, which cool and refresh those by the pool and help create a heaalthy appetite before dinner. Fresh fruit based drinks and specially shaken Martini's can be enjoyed throughout the day and well into the evening. We also prepare an extensive range of alcohol free Mocktails, which are available for those who prefer not to consume alcohol.

Mixed drinks, Martini’s and Malt Whisky are our specialty for those that enjoy pre dinner drinks. Refreshing smoothies and alcohol based iced teas are ideal during the heat of the day, with more traditional cognac, port or whisky after dinner. We can satisfy most tastes and our fruit based Smoothies are a special favourite for the children.

Tapas & Short Bites

Knowing the popularity of snacks and short bites whilst enjoying predinner drinks, we have taken the time to construct a menu of international and local favourites to help sharpen your appetite whilst you enjoy some quality time together before dining.